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Practicing While Pregnant


What you need to know to continue taking and ENJOYING your favorite classes during your birth year: A workshop for Mamas & Teachers!




The Heart of the Hips


In this workshop we’ll unpack specific & practical applications of vinyasa yoga for emotional resilience and well-being, with a special focus on the hips. The largest joints in the body that propel us forward- allow us to unfurl & fold are also  the junction of nerves, and powerful, dense tissue that can often absorb & house deeply seated tension, fear & restriction. We will mindfully open the outer & inner hips, creating more space & ease. 

If you've ever been curious about hip mobility, physical & emotional sensitivity in poses such as pigeon, malasana,  lizard & hanumanasana- this workshop is an opportunity to explore what might be living in your hips, and why.

Bring water and a towel this workshop is part lecture, part sweaty-vinyasa odyssey.

The Second Brain: Your Thinking Gut

Core work isn't just about a 6 pack or back health. Working & warming your solar plexus is a potent means to connect more deeply with your intuition, and sense of belonging & purpose in your body, and in your life. The enteric nervous system consists of a web of neurons that moderates the gastrointestinal functions. This primordial brain gives us butterflies & sends signals eons before our thinking brain has processed language.


We are conditioned to ignore our intuition, but we can reconnect to that soft language that sings from our center. We will strengthen and de-tangle fascial stickiness with compression, deep twisting, exploring active & passive back bends.


We will move from the middle, sweat, open & listen.


(This workshop is not appropriate for expecting moms)

Recover, Rest & Nourish

Take a break from the sense of urgency and laundry list of tasks and join Kate for a mini yin & restorative retreat. 


You'll be gently guided you through a slowflow and restorative practice designed to replenish the physical and emotional systems. There will be an abundance of props, physical support, guided meditation, and plenty of time for you to allow your body to unwind and decompress naturally.


We will gently support and open the body with passive folds, twists, backbends and inversions. You will have enough time to fully explore the rich tradition of restorative yoga, and you'll have assistance with set up of each shape.


For those of you that opt in, there will be the option to request hands-on assists.

You'll leave floating, rested and deeply replenished.


The time will fly, and your body will thank you.



What to bring:

  • comfy clothes- with an extra layer in case you prefer a little extra warmth

  • if you have an eye mask- bring it!

  • a notebook if you need to jot down any inspirations



 All levels, abilities, experience, ages & bodies welcome - always.


Find Your Words. The Yoga of Writing

Writing, like yoga, flows under soft encouragement, patience and consistency of attention. Journaling, poetry,and blogging are all avenues of expression that can complement and enhance your yoga practice. Make the space for your creativity, make time for the practice and craft of writing and honor the voice that softly nudges you to write.


This workshop is open to everyone with the desire to write and express themselves on the page. It is also open to yoga teachers looking to clarify their written vision and establish or refine their voice through blogging, writing and submitting articles or simply reworking written workshop descriptions, classes and biographies.


There will be a slow-flow vinyasa practice to prepare the body and mind to sit and write.


Bring your journal, notebook or laptop. You’ll leave with renewed inspiration, writing exercises, publication tips and guidance.

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