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Prenatal Yoga Workshop & Continuing Education

2018-2019 Dates Coming Soon!

Practicing While Pregnant


What you need to know to continue taking and ENJOYING your favorite classes during your birth year: A workshop for Mamas & Teachers!



You may not have access to prenatal yoga, or you may simply love your regular yoga routine. While prenatal yoga in exceptionally important for you to try to incorporate into your birth year, the reality is sometimes you need to pop into your regular vinyasa class. This workshop will cover what you need to know to practice safely in a general population yoga class during each trimesters of your pregnancy.


This workshop is for mama's-to-be, pregnant humans, those planning to become pregnant and yoga teachers.


What we'll cover

For yoga students:
  • How to modify for most common occuring families of vinyasa poses

  • Talking to your teacher about being pregnant

  • Using props to enhance your comfort, support & safety

  • Room temperature: Is it too hot in here?

  • Breath work (pranayama)- the good, the bad

  • Yoga & IVF

  • Which asanas can help during labor- Great options for modifying

  • Creating an exceptional savasana

  • Self care, body love and stress reduction

  • Referral systems for prenatal, postnatal & birthing classes (Boston area)

For yoga teachers:


  • Learn to identify the surprising things you need to look out for in your pregnant students

  • How to offer a safer space for your mamas, pregnant humans, and humans in general

  • What to consider when a student is trying to conceive

  • Get a basic refresher from your prenatal training

  • Build confidence in offering modifications for larger bodies

  • Referral systems for prenatal, postnatal & birthing classes



Kate received her prenatal certification from Om Births, and has been teaching prenatal yoga for 5 years. She helped design and implement the protocol for a Prenatal Yoga Study at Brigham and Women's Hospital. She loves teaching prenatal yoga, and loves welcoming expecting people into her general population classes!


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