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Kate Robinson

Kate invites students deeper into their own practice. Her prime concern is creating a safe, shame-free and at times goofy space for students to make mistakes, try new things, and question their patterns. You’ll sweat, rest and focus on a dynamic approach to alignment that makes asana accessible.


After years of training as a Division 1 Track & Field Athlete throwing the Hammer and then running marathons, yoga was a form of motion that was decidedly less injurious. Struggling with addiction and PTSD, yoga became the first sustainable and effective form of self-care that was actually enjoyable and profoundly relieving. Yoga was never simply exercise or a hobby, but rather a means of survival through difficult years of her life. Sharing her deep respect for the practice, and its transformative potential; Kate’s classes are a unique, strong, inclusive and kind.


Kate holds her MFA from Bennington and has two chapbooks, and work appearing in several national literary journals and yoga trade publications. She is a Senior Marketing Director at patientMoon Wellness Marketing and is one-half of the Unrolled yoga podcast, now in its 3rd year of broadcast.


Kate has specialization and special interest in Prenatal Yoga, Yoga for Larger Bodies, Yoga for Runners and Athletes, Yoga in Recovery, and Trauma Sensitive Yoga. While she has studied with many respected teachers, she is most influenced by Angela Farmer, Leslie Kaminoff, Meghan Currie, Ana Forrest, Nicole Clark, Lynne Begier, Ryan Cunningham, Renée LeBlanc and Caitlyn Visconte. Kate carries her 200hr & 300hr from formerly Back Bay Yoga, with an additional 500 hours in Anatomy, Trauma and Yoga, Assisting, Hip Hop Yoga, and Prenatal Yoga.




In first person...I like yoga. 

I teach yoga for people who don't feel all that comfortable in other yoga classes. I've never felt all that welcome in my own skin, and on occasion in the world in general. I use yoga to ease that dissonance, and I believe in ceating a safe space where every body is a "yogabody".   


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